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The Aim of the blog is to help all the Physics loving engineers out there in entering Physics stream after Engineering in India. We share with you, all ways we know of in which an Engineer can become a Physicist in India. As a part of this we bring to you the personal experiences of a few engineers who have successfully entered physics stream to Inspire, assure and disillusion you about career transition.  You'll also find articles about how to prepare for entrance exams like JAM,Physics GRE and NET etc for engineers.

One big achievement of the blog is, we've successfully built a community of engineers who are looking to study physics after Engineering.
Right now we are a community of 170+ engineers aspiring to become physicists and some who have successfully made it into Physics after Engineering.

Also, do visit all other useful content of our blog Physics after Engineering.
Below is the invite link for our WhatsApp group with 170+ members all of whom are engineers who actively discuss and help each other out in entering physics stream after engineering. 

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