Pursue Bachelor's in Physics after 12th class/Intermediate/HSC

Almost all of the blog readers are Engineering grads or students who are looking to turn to physicists and most of them repent choosing engineering for their undergrad. Be it because of financial reasons, family, peer pressure, engineering fad or just us being naive or uninformed for whatever reason - we did that- And because of which, our options of studying physics have been narrowed down drastically. So I thought it'd be a good thing if we let those currently studying or completed 12th class recently know of all the options available to study physics from undergrad itself. Based on the information I've gathered from friends and internet I have put up the names of some of the good institutes that (We felt)are worth spending 3 years in, to study Physics.

Types of courses:

Firstly these are the types of courses that are present:
  • Bachelors of sciences
    • Honors in physics
    • Major in physics
    • General B.Sc
      • The first two are considered equal but Honours degree has a slight edge because more focus is laid in Physics. Also if you are opting for general B.Sc make sure that you have 4 semesters of physics in your coursework so that you'll be eligible to get admission in IIT through JAM.
  • Integrated M.Sc
    • B.Sc+M.Sc
      • It's a 5-year course after which you will be receiving both Bachelor's and Master's degree in physics.
    • BS-MS
      • This is also a 5-year course similar to above which will be more research focused and the value of the degree is increasing day by day.
      • IISERs, Few IITs and IISC etc offer these programmes.

  • Engineering Physics, Astronomy, space science or related areas
    • Engineering Physics in few IITs
    • Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology(IIST)
      • B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering and ECE(With specialization in Avionics)
      • Dual degree B.Tech+ M.Tech/MSC.
      • You can get a job directly in ISRO after completion of degree here.

Integrated Msc and BS-MS programmes

I'm listing out a few places that are known to us to offer Integrated M.Sc and BS-MS programmes and the corresponding entrance exams that are accepted by the institute to give admission.
  • IITs: IIT - JEE
  • IISC: JEE-Main, JEE-Advance, KVPY, NEET-UG
  • IISERs - IISER aptitude test, JEE Adv, KVPY
  • NISER Bhuvneshwar - NEST
  • CBS- Mumbai - NEST
  • IIST- JEE(Advance)
  • University of Hyderabad: BS-MS: (their own entrance exam) 
  • The Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS), Kolkata
  • BITS: BITSAT(There is B.E+MSc dual degree program and integrated Bsc+MSc program as well )
  • Pondicherry University: (their own entrance exam) 
  • In Kerala:
      • Mahatma Gandhi University: IIRBS
      • Cochin University: CUSAT - CAT ( newly started)

B.sc Physics

Here is a list of few good colleges and universities listed state wise

Central Universities/institutes:

State universities usually have very limited no. of seats for the non-locals so it'll be very difficult for people who don't have good colleges in their home state to get through. But Central Universities/Institutes do not have any such local reservations and are open to all, so it's better to apply to all Central Universities. I'm mentioning a few such institutes which are known to have good Physics Department.
  • Delhi University
  • BHU (Banaras Hindu University)
  • University of Hyderabad
  • Chennai Mathematical Institute(CMI)
State wise

These are the few colleges that are known to have a good physics department
  • West Bengal
    • The Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS), Kolkata
    • Scottish Church College
    • Presidency University
    • Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira, Belur (Boys only)
    • St. Xavier's College
    • Ramakrishna mission residential college, Narendrapur(Boys only)
    • Lady Brabourne College (only for girls)
    • Jadavpur University
    • Bethune college (only for girls)
    • Ramakrishna mission, Rahara (only for boys)
  • Delhi
    • University of Delhi
      • It has umpteen number of colleges in campus and Only one application will be enough for all of them 
    • St. Stephens College (Though affiliated to DU needs to be sent application separately )
    • Ambedkar University
    • Jamia Millia Islamia
  • Maharashtra
    • St.Xaviers college, Mumbai
    • Fergusson College, Pune
    • Ramnraian Ruia college, Mumbai
  • Uttar Pradesh
    • BHU
  • Telangana
    • Hyderabad Central University
  • Tamilnadu
    • Madras University
    • Loyola college
    • Chennai Mathematical Institute
    • Madras Christian College (MCC)
    • Bishop Herber College
    • PSG college
    • Anna University
    • Amritha University
  • Punjab
    • Panjab University
  • Karnataka
    • IISC, Bangalore
    • Christ University, Bangalore
Since the 12th pass-outs will be just 15-16 year old and usually not so knowledgeable about how the institutes will be and which is good for them, it's recommended to have some parental guidance or help from teachers or someone who is well educated and is generally experienced in these things.
To get the most accurate first-hand review of an institute it's best to ask the students who are studying there currently or passed out of the college recently, usually, the universities put up the names of the students in their websites along with their email IDs. So, You can mail them or find them on FB by searching the names or looking up in the FB page related to that institute.

Apart from physics there also are many other options available. I request the students to be informed about all options available and be sagacious while choosing their Undergraduate course rather than going with the herd. Also during your UG stay with an open mind and keep all options open so that you can switch to any another field if you happen to develop interest in. I'm listing out few such options: Engineering, B.Com, BA(literature, history, mass com, psychology etc), B.Arch, BA-LLB, Prep for IAS, IES, IPS, IFS(UPSC etc), Prep for Defence (CDS, AFCAT etc), Physical education/sports college, Diplomas(commerce/vocational), BCS, BCA, physiotherapy, politics, CA, actuaries, professional courses, pursuing fine arts, business, startup, investments, medical.
I request all readers to suggest all good places to study bachelor's in physics either in comment section or directly to me or in our Whatsapp group. I'll be adding them in the blog.

Note: Most of the information in this post is suggested to me by different people all of whom, I can't thank enough. Also I'd like to remind you that the programmes shown above are not the only options available. There are many other options available apart from them. And if you happen to know of any good ones that you think deserve a mention in the list, Pls do inform us and we'll add them in the post.


  1. Guys can you please verify and tell me how is bsc in maths and physics at Chennai mathematical institute?and mainly how is their physics department as of 2018? Please it's urgent.

    1. You mean to ask about about the quality of education, twcherte and all? I don't know much about the institute but iveI heard that it's one of the very good institutes in the country, I suggest you to fund contact details of people who graduated from the institute form thr same course (Or ecen others )in their website and ask them get know the first hand experience of it. If yiu have any specific questions in mind you can even mail the profs.


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