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MS/MSc (Master's) in physics after engineering: India or Abroad?

After a degree in engineering, if you are interested in switching to physics, you often face the dilemma of whether to look for a master's degree in physics and whether you should do it in India or abroad. In this article, I would try to mention a few advantages and disadvantages of going for these options.

Going for a terminal Master's Degree (MS/MSc) I did mechanical engineering in my undergrad and shifted to physics by first getting a master's degree in physics, MSc physics from IIT Bombay. So unsurprisingly, I would vouch for this option. 
The key advantage this option offers is that you can basically try out physics for two years. It allows you to study advanced level physics and get a feel for whether you truly like the subject or you are just fascinated by popular science stuff shown on television shows. Believe me, real physics research vastly differs from what you see in Discovery or Nat Geo shows (and it has more than astrophysics). And if you don't l…

All about the CSIR NET physics exam: Preparation and Advantages

After an M.Sc in physics, one needs to look for various opportunities to get into a PhD program in physics to kick start his/her career in physics. In that pursuit, one often overlooked but important and extremely useful path is the CSIR NET exam in physics. This National Eligibility Test (NET) is administered by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research under the govt. of India. Clearing this exam can open more avenues than you think if you intend to do a PhD in India, or if you want to gain some research experience in India by being a project student. It is extremely vital for engineers going into physics who are looking for positions and need monetary support with recognition from the government.

What are the opportunities offered by this exam?  Teaching career: First of all, clearing the NET exam makes you eligible for teaching in a lot of universities all over India. Those students who do not want to go for PhD and instead want a university/college l…