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How to become a Physicist after Engineering?

You often see questions like "How to study Theoretical Physics after engineering?"  "How to do masters in physics after mechanical engineering?"  "Can I study Physics after engineering?"  "How do I do Ph.D. in Physics after Engineering?" To all those questions, the answer is,"Yes!! you can study Physics after engineering in India""and there are plenty of ways too!!"

Hello, fellow Physics enthusiasts!!!                    Hey fellow Engineer!!!  If you're an engineering student or graduate and are aspiring to have a career in Physics after engineering, you're in the right place. At this point in your career, you must be wondering if there are any ways to do that... We completely understand your dilemma cause we all have been through the exact same situation before we took the leap of faith with the little information we had at that moment. All for the love of physics😇. Don't worry, it won't be the same for you,…