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Best colleges for BSc Physics in India

Almost all of the blog readers are Engineering grads or students who are looking to turn to physicists and most of them repent choosing engineering for their undergrad. Be it because of financial reasons, family, peer pressure, engineering fad or just us being naive or uninformed for whatever reason - we did that- And because of which, our options of studying physics have been narrowed down drastically. So I thought it'd be a good thing if we let those currently studying or completed 12th class recently know of all the options available to study physics from undergrad itself. Based on the information I've gathered from friends and internet, I have put up the names of some of the good institutes that (We felt)are worth spending a few years in studying Physics.
It'll answer questions like
How to become a Physicist in India? How to become a Physicist after 12th? [After you read the article I'd recommend reading this post about how to excel during your Bachelors which you&…