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How to do MSc Physics after B.Tech (any stream)?

"How to become a Physicist after engineering?"  "Can I do Msc in physics after BTech?" "How to do masters in physics after mechanical engineering?" "Can I do Ph.D. in Physics after Engineering?"
"How to study Theoretical Physics after engineering?"  To all those questions, the answer is,"Yes!! you can study Physics after engineering in India""and there are plenty of ways too!!"

Hello, fellow Physics enthusiasts!!!                    Hey fellow Engineer!!!  If you're an engineering student or graduate and are aspiring to have a career in Physics after engineering, you're in the right place. At this point in your career, you must be wondering if there are any ways to do that... We completely understand your dilemma cause we all have been through the exact same situation before we took the leap of faith with the little information we had at that moment. All for the love of physics😇. Don't worry, it won…

Advice For Those That Are Confused

MY STORY Hello, everyone. This is my first post here, so I'll first introduce myself. My name is Anand Natarajan, and I have a bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2019 passed out) from SSN College of Engineering in Chennai, affiliated to Anna University.

I had discovered my passion for physics in the first year of college and, since then, lived a life full of ups and downs. Engineering was, well, I wouldn't say it was boring; it was what it was: learning to build things using scientific principles (even though we hardly discussed what scientific principles were or where we were applying it). During my time as an engineering student, I felt I did not have a natural inclination towards building or innovating new technology for practical purposes. I felt my time was better spent on understanding the underlying laws of natural phenomena and approaching problems from new and exciting directions. So, while I was good at understanding things from 'fi…

Journey of mechanical to physics and profile building for applying abroad

नमस्ते! I am Ankul Prajapati, a physics connoisseur and final year mechanical undergraduate from SV National Institute of Technology, Surat. After completing school I always wanted to study pure physics and become a theoretical physicist but my own put a condition that if I get IISc or IISER then only will choose physics for undergraduate otherwise will go for engineering and then complete higher study in physics. Unfortunately, I couldn't able to score well in JEE Advance and finally decided to choose Mechanical Engineering at NIT Surat as most of the physics aspirant do, who don't get pure physics at the undergrad level. Till first year I was not aware that in future, engineering degree would not be accepted at most of the institution for physics master or PhD. When I got to know all the scenario, somehow I able to manage and started searching for opportunities to the student like me. In the second year of BTech spent more than 50% time sitting in front of a laptop and doing…

FAQs in Physics after Engineering community

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) in our community in various platforms. We've asked some of our community members who have eminent knowledge to answer them. I am extremely thankful to them for obliging and taking time out to answer the questions.
Here is the list of questions, answers are given below it:

Can I study Physics after Engineering (B.E/B.Tech) in <Any> branch?I want to do BSc in Physics after Engineering? How should I go about?Can I pursue BSc Physics via distance education while studying in B.Tech?What are the preferred books for JAM? What are the preferred books for JEST?What are some good books for practicing problems?Is it worth buying Fiziks or any other material? If I want to buy second-hand ones where can I get them?What are exam dates and application deadlines for JAM/JEST/TIFR-GS etc. ? Is coaching necessary for JAM? Which coaching institute is better, Career Endeavour or Fiziks?What is the eligibility criteria for admission in MSc Physics i…

A catalogue of our group members(or former) who are currently studying Physics

Our group members have made it big!! They have been selected to many prestigious institutes like IITs(Mumbai, Delhi, Kharagpur Kanpur etc), ICTS Bangalore, HRI Allahabad,IMSc Chennai, TIFR Mumbai, TIFR Hyderabad, IISERs and other universities like HCU, Pune University etc.

And you can speak with them here. Here is the link to our discord sever "Physics after Engineering" where most of them are members (you'll be needed to install the app.)

We've asked them to enter their details in this sheet along with their educational background to give readers an idea of where they have rank to get into those institutes. Here is the list!!

Note: These are not the only Engineers admitted in those institutes. People who went to the IITs and other institutes have found some other Engineers there in their class who are unaware of the blog and our groups.

My interview experience at CESSI, IISER Kolkata.

I got shortlisted for the interview at CESSI, IISER Kolkata for the MS Program in Space Physics. I attended my interview and got selected for the program. Now I'm currently studying here at CESSI.

Eligibility criteria is to qualify national level entrance exams like GATE (any field not necessarily physics), JEST. There is no such thing as cut off. You need to pass in any one of them with a valid score. Good aggregate in respective Btech curriculum and a good SOP that's submitted during the application. Basic knowledge of physics in Electromagnetic Theory, Quantum Mechanics, Mathematical Physics, Classical Mechanics and others.

My Interview experience:
This was the first ever interview that I gave.
So the first question they asked me was the reason for my transition from Aerospace Engineering to Physics. Then they asked me which subject I was comfortable with, to which I answered EMT. My first question was on Maxwell's equations. One of them asked me to write t…

Which exam to prepare for? JAM, JEST, TIFR or GATE?

I'd like to start off by classifying exams into groups rather than viewing them  individually, I'd strongly recommend readers to do the same, otherwise might lead to confusion-given the huge number of exams one can give.

   The Physics entrance exams can be divided into two categories broadly based on the education level of the students they're designed for. Do read the Blog post below to find out all the exams we can give.
How to do MSc Physics after B.Tech/B.E?
Here I'll be classifying and analysing all of them to see which of them suits whom.

BSc Level Exams These exams are Screening tests for BSc grads to enter MSc or Integrated PhD (MSc+PhD)
JAMTIFR-GSPhysics GREMSc Entrance tests for universities like HCU, DU, JNU, Pune University and many others mentioned in the Blog post above

MSc Level Exams These exams are Screening tests for MSc grads to enter PhD or jobs.
JEST (it also is for BSc grads, will dig into the deets in next section)CSIR-NETGATEIUCAA-INATCMI Ph…

On preparation for IIT-JAM Physics

Hello fellow physics lovers. Let me begin by telling you the most important truth you will ever know in your life. 'IIT-JAM is a very important exam in India!'(for our new readers, please don't judge me, this is an inside joke). For pure physics aspirants, IISc and IITs are some of the best places to study physics in this country. But well, just like pure sciences, this exam too suffers a fate of ignorance which is why, you might face hurdles in your preparation due to inexistence of reliable study resources (Or due to time wasted in proof-reading the study material you buy). Hence, I pen down my preparation methodology here. I wish to warn though, that there can't be a universally accepted correct method to prepare. It is very individualistic, and you need to be the best judge of your own self. Use this and other blogs only to pick some points which you think can be useful to you.
Like most other aspirants, I decided to prepare for GATE and JAM both. I started prepari…

Below is the link for our Whatsapp group with 400+ members all of whom are engineers who actively discuss and help each other out in entering physics stream after engineering.

You can find the FAQs and important conversations happened earlier in the groups in this SubRedditr/Physicsaftrengineerin/

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