Yup! You can do MSc Physics after B.Tech/B.E. Here's how!!

"How to become a Physicist after engineering?"  "Can I do Msc in physics after BTech?" "How to do masters in physics after mechanical engineering?" "Can I do Ph.D. in Physics after Engineering?"
"How to study Theoretical Physics after engineering?"  To all those questions, the answer is,"Yes!! you can study Physics after engineering in India""and there are plenty of ways too!!"

Hello, fellow Physics enthusiasts!!!                    Hey fellow Engineer!!!  If you're an engineering student or graduate and are aspiring to have a career in Physics after engineering, you're in the right place. At this point in your career, you must be wondering if there are any ways to do that... We completely understand your dilemma cause we all have been through the exact same situation before we took the leap of faith with the little information we had at that moment. All for the love of physics😇. Don't worry, it won…

Books, lectures and notes recommendations for JEST physics

Books recommended for JEST Physics:

Electromagnetism: Griffiths Electrodynamics(excellent for problem solving). The book is more than enough for any physics entrance exam.

Quantum mechanics: Again Griffiths QM is self contained book. Book by Prof. Ajoy Ghatak is also nice

Lectures: MIT OCW lectures by Prof. Allan Adams(highly recommend) and Prof. Barton Zweibach.

Statistical physics: Lecture notes by Prof. David Tong. Reif statistical physics is a standard. book

Lectures by Prof. John Preskill are highly recommended.

Classical mechanics: Taylor's  CM is an excellent book for problem solving. Landau Lifshitz mechanics is also recommended.

Special Theory of Relativity: I found Rindler’s book on relativity very helpful.

I highly recommend solving problems from this site:

You can find Problem sets for all subjects in it.
About the author:
Mr. Chintan A.Patel has secured AIR 6 in JEST 2019 also has cleared IPhD interviews of bo…

Things I learned from my 7 interviews.

I was asked to write about my interview experiences but I didn't want to make 7 different posts so I have decided to write one essay summarizing all those experiences. I have been to interviews at the following institutes:
TIFR-Mumbai(I-PhD and PhD), ICTS(I-PhD and PhD), IISc(I-PhD), IISER-Pune(I-PhD), IUCAA/NCRA(PhD preselection)
Amongst these I cleared TIFR Mumbai (IPhD in 2016 and PhD in 2019), ICTS(PhD in 2019) and IUCAA/NCRA(December 2015).

So, instead of telling you stories of those experiences, I have decided to write about what I learned from those interviews.

1. Soft skills play a role albeit a really small one. They aren't as important as the case is in a corporate job interview, but the way you speak and dress always has some, even if sub-concious, effect on the interviewer's mind. This does not mean that you have to dress up in all formals. A well ironed shirt with jeans works well for me. Although I did clear IUCAA interview wearing a t-shirt, so it's not…

Book Recommendations: A comprehensive list for both undergraduates and post-graduates.

Hello people, I am not your average engineering graduate now getting into physics. I left engineering in the first year itself not wanting to torture myself any further and went for a undergraduate followed by a post-graduate degree in physics. These are the books I have found useful. The titles in red are under-grad level and those in blue are post-grad.(I haven't read many of them cover to cover but only relevant topics.)

 Basic Physics(12th level): One of the biggest errors I have seen people do while trying to crack entrance exams is to jump directly to Electrodynamics and Quantum Physics without having their basics cleared. Please don't do this. Make sure there aren't any problems you cannot solve in books like Resnick, Halliday and Krane, H. C Verma, etc. If you are appearing for I-PhD entrance, JAM and other MSc entrances, these are the books that will contribute to a big chunk of the questions. Also, these form the base on which undergraduate physics is built. Vol…

My interview experience at TIFR-Hyderabad

Hi I'm Yash. I was called for the interview at TIFR-H via my JEST score on 13th June for Int-PhD. The institute seemed to be located in a remote area. But heck, it's the same with almost every institute I've been to (except tifr-m :)). I take a quick a look around and head straight to the Auditorium. The staff and the professors were welcoming and friendly.
After verification I was sent to the interview room.
I had to wait for an hour outside the room before they called me in. I had four professors on my Panel. Prof Surajit Sengupta, Prof Kabir Ramola, Prof Karthik V Raman and Prof Pranav Shirhatti.

Interview started with them asking about my background in Physics and how much Physics have I studied since I'm a Computer Science student. I honestly told them that I've done a year of Physics during undergrad and 6 months coaching in Delhi. They were very warm and comforting, occasionally exchanging jokes.

So they started with asking easy questions in topics of my ch…

How I found space in the World of Astronomy

Hello, fellow Astro-enthusiasts. In this blog, I will tell you about how I was able to enter into the field of astronomy/astrophysics despite my engineering background. I hope my experiences can be of some help to you.  Let's get started. (If you are short on time, skip to Section 4)

1. Background I did my B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from IIIT Jabalpur. Although it is an institute of national importance, still it lacks the kind of courses or infrastructure IITs have. In my first year, I joined a research lab in our institute and experienced research in mechanical engineering. Though it was an important project, the work I was doing there lacked a certain gravity *no pun intended* to me.  I later got exposure to Astronomy through the Astronomy and Physics Society of our institute. A couple of my seniors were into astronomy and they told me about vast arrays of online courses available on platforms like Coursera (getting financial aid for certificates is easier) an…

A little insight into my Journey into Physics - Kunal Vyas

Hello Friends,

My name is Kunal Vyas. I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate, batch of 2018 from Mumbai. Like most of you, I too aspire to become a Physicist someday and to do that, first I had to change my field of study from Engineering to Physics. Today, when I write this post, almost a year after completing my Engineering, I would like to believe that I have been successful in changing my field. A few days ago, I got to know that I have been allotted a seat in IIT Bombay for MSc Physics. Here, I would like to tell you about my journey into Physics, how I was able to achieve what I did and also any kind of information that will help you to do the same.


I had decided to commit a year completely to learning Physics and preparing for exams after my Engineering. I had taken JEST, JAM and TIFR-GS in 2018 too and had realized then that I am capable of doing well in these exams if I work hard enough. So I started in June. I talked to people and read some Quora answers that h…

Make the most out of your undergraduate days....

This post is aimed at people studying in the 3-tier colleges or other state-funded colleges. I actually started out writing with engineers in mind but later generalized to any undergrad student in general (Mentioned everywhere when it's not so). In college like these where the students usually will not be aware of what all they can do during their degree and where not many peers are motivated and ambitious about anything in particular. Most faculty do the teaching in a perfunctory manner, they can't motivate students to learn nor can they recommend any good sources to learn from. More so, they themselves have little to zero knowledge on good sources of the subjects they have been teaching for a decade or two. You'll realise all these when you get to know of the environment in premier institutes like IISC and IITs.

[Non- Engineers can skip this paragraph]        As opposed to what typical readers of the Blog(The frustrated Indian Engineering student lot) might be thinking a…