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All ways to do MSc/PhD Physics after B.Tech | PAE blog

"How to become a Physicist after engineering?" "Can I do MSc in physics after BTech?" "How to do masters in physics after mechanical engineering?" "Can I do a Ph.D. in Physics after Engineering?"
"How to study Theoretical Physics after engineering?"  To all those questions, the answer is,"Yes!! you can study Physics after engineering in India""and there are plenty of ways too!!"

Hello, fellow Physics enthusiasts!!!                    Hey fellow Engineer!!!  If you're an engineering student or graduate and are aspiring to have a career in Physics after engineering, you're in the right place. At this point in your career, you must be wondering if there are any ways to do that... We completely understand your dilemma cause we all have been through the exact same situation before we took the leap of faith with the little information we had at that moment. All for the love of physics😇. Don't worry, it won&#…

#PAEabroad | Profiles, applications, rejects of PAEians doing Physics Abroad

Surendra Padamata Current University:Penn State University
UG Details: Mechanical Engineering, BITS Pilani K.K Birla Goa Campus, CGPA: 6.75
Research Experience: Summer research internship at International center for cosmology, Thesis at University of Wisconsin Madison, Adjunct Researcher at Penn state and Visiting researcher at ICTS Bangalore
Break Year After UG: Worked as an Adjunct Researcher at Penn state on Numerical relativity and then at ICTS Bangalore on Gravitational-wave astrophysics
GRE General Scores: Q-161, V-152, AW-2.5   GRE Physics Score: 780
Fellowship/Scholarship: $24000 TA + $4000 Fellowship

FeeResultPenn State UniversityPhDComputational Astrophysics$65SelectedUniversity of SouthamptonPhDMathematical and Numerical RelativityNASelectedUniversity of Massachusetts
DartmouthPhDComputational Science and engineering with
focus on astrophysics$65SelectedWashington State UniversityPhDComputational Astrophysics$75Selected

Akash Gupta Current Uni…


Our PAE (Physics After Engineering) community members have contributed to building this nice handy list of books they've gone through. Many thanks to them all, and here is the list. This probably is the only student-made list on the internet! Comprehensive reviews of almost all the standard physics books are present.
If you are preparing for exams like JAM & JEST, I'd recommend you to check the following posts about exam preparation. There are plenty of posts on JAM preparation in our blog by our beloved community members, here are a few most popular ones: IIT-JAM and JEST preparation - Rishab Kaushik (AIR - 1 in both JAM & JEST)The Road Not Taken!!- Harshul Gupta (AIR - 22 JAM & 54 in JEST)IIT JAM Preparation-Vaibhav Sharma (AIR - 5)On preparing for IIT-JAM Physics -Niket Shah(AIR - 6) NOTE:UG level: Books that start with basics, does not contain much of PG level stuff.Both UG-PG level: Books that start with basics, contains a good amount of PG level stuff.
Index Gener…

MS and Phd Abroad(East Asian Countries)


In this post, I will be telling you how to apply for MS and Ph.D. abroad. First, let me tell you about my self I completed my B Tech in Electronics and communication engineering from Cochin University of science and technology after that I decided to do my masters in physics abroad, I had a good professor in my university who taught me physics in 1st year of my engineering, I approached him and told my interest in physics, he was the one who told me about universities in east Asia. He sorted out a few universities and told me to apply, I got into Ms program in the school of nanoscience National Tsing Hua university this year after finishing my masters I am enrolled in the PhD program at the same university.


Why east Asian universities?

1. The application fee is very small compared to the universities in Europe and north America
2. The QS ranking of these universities are very high, the university where I study has a QS ranking of       251-300 i…

Best lectures for JAM Physics, JEST (Complied by toppers) | PAE Blog

Our PAE (Physics After Engineering) community members have contributed to building this nice handy list of video lectures/courses they've done. Many thanks to them all, and here is the list.
Index Quantum MechanicsClassical MechanicsElectromagnetic TheoryMathematical PhysicsStatistical Mechanics & ThermodynamicsNuclear & Atomic PhysicsOscillations, Waves, and OpticsAstro & cosmologyRelativitySolid State PhysicsElectronicsOthers   1. Quantum MechanicsBSc level MIT 8.04 Quantum Physics I, version by Allan Addams: Areally good introductory course on quantum mechanics. This course doesn't just run through the equations, but the lecturer focuses on giving intuition about concepts. The lecturer takes 2 lectures to start with an actual equation. ( You can get the idea)( It doesn't mean that he doesn't cover technical aspects in details). - Dhananjay Vijay KapseMIT 8.04 Quantum Physics I, version by Barton Zwiebach: Barton Zweibach is a String Theorist from MIT and he …

I solemnly swear I'll get into physics - Rajdeep Dwivedi (AIR 75 JAM & 70 JEST)|Physics After Engineering blog

This blog is about my journey from engineering to fundamental science, this is how it goes. 
I used to be like a small child amused by the tricks of a magician in almost every physics class. Getting to know the physical significance of any equation is a next-level pleasure. I fell in love with physics in my junior college days and decided to pursue my career in physics. I was a decent student scoring above 250 in mocks of mains and sometimes even in advance and was very overconfident to not appear for Bits entrance. On the day I had my jee mains I was not allowed to start my jee mains on time there's a long background story. I felt like Karna from Mahabharat in the examination hall as I could not recall anything I've studied in this state and I fucked myself and my dreams. After all this drama we(those who were expected to perform well in advance) were called by our tuition to Mumbai for JEE  advanced preparations. JEE mains result was declared I got 104 and cut off was 105 eve…

Engineer turned physicist: End of second year PhD physics update-Vaibhav Sharma | Physics After Engineering blog

It’s been two years since I started my PhD program in physics at Cornell University and it’s been quite an eye opening journey so far I must admit. I have always written about going from engineering to physics before this, but I guess it’s time to share experiences from the other side now. In these two years, there are a lot of things I have discovered and realized. Note that all these things might be more specific to PhD programs in the US, but some things are of course generic.

The Physics
Before entering the PhD program, I felt that I knew quite a bit of physics, knew a lot of buzzwords perhaps and you know, you think you would solve the big unsolved problems in physics. But boy oh boy, wait till the reality hits you hard. It’s quite common for students in their first couple semesters to start attending other professors’ group meetings to know about their research and eventually join their group. I was interested in theoretical condensed matter physics, so I went to those groups. An…

A complete JAM & JEST prep. guide | AIR 22 JAM & 54 JEST | Harshul Gupta

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth; . . . I shall be telling this with a sigh "delight" Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.
Starting with the lines of my favourite poet— Robert Frost, with "slight" modifications. I had a tough choice to choose between GATE-Electronics and JAM-Physics, I chose the one "less traveled by" and that has made "all the difference".
NOTE: Those who don't want to read how I ended up in love with Physics but are here take notes regarding my preparation can head-up straight to the heading: "The Journey to AIR-22 (IIT-JAM) & AIR-54 (JEST)"

My Eternal Love for Physics It predates back to the summer-vacations after the 10th class. In my city (Aligarh) almost every s…

Below is the link for our Whatsapp group with 400+ members all of whom are engineers who actively discuss and help each other out in entering physics stream after engineering.

You can find the FAQs and important conversations happened earlier in the groups in this SubRedditr/Physicsaftrengineerin/

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