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⭐All ways to do MSc/PhD Physics after B.Tech | PAE blog

"How to become a Physicist after engineering?"  "Can I do MSc in physics after BTech?"  "How to do masters in physics after mechanical engineering?" "Can I do a Ph.D. in Physics after Engineering?" "How to study Theoretical Physics after engineering?"  To all those questions, the answer is, "Yes!! you can study Physics after engineering in India" "and there are plenty of ways too!!"   Hello, fellow Physics enthusiasts!!!                    Hey fellow Engineer!!!  If you're an engineering student or graduate and are aspiring to have a career in Physics after engineering, you're in the right place. At this point in your career, you must be wondering if there are any ways to do that... We completely understand your dilemma cause we all have been through the exact same situation before we took the leap of faith with the little information we had at that moment. All for the love of physics😇. Don't

My Journey From NIT to NISER

  Hello Everyone!! I am Deepak Kumar Sharma presently studying at NISER (1 st year    Int.Msc). I am here to share my experience on how I cleared NEST (entrance for getting into NISER and UM-DAE CBS) while studying at NIT Rourkela. I hope you all are in your BTech 1 st year and I wish this blog will make you reach closer to your dream. Eligibility Criteria Generally, if you are in you BTech 1 st year, I think you must be eligible for this examination but still you can verify your eligibility at this site – When is application Released? The application for applying for Nest exam and the Brochure is uploaded in the month of January (but this year due to corona nothing can be predicted). You can visit the given site above to remain updated with all the details. How I prepared for the exam? Before starting I would like to inform you that for getting into NISER you need to clear SMAS (Section-wise Minimum Admissible Marks) in all the four subjects (P

List of National and International Physics competitions at UG level

Original Post: Here is a list of undergraduate physics competitions  1)  Online Physics Brawl : Online Physics Brawl is a three-hour-long internet competition. Teams of up to five people can participate. Eligibility : The competition is mainly intended for high school teams of up to 5 students, which includes the Open category where anyone can participate. (so undergraduates can also apply). Prizes : Top 3 teams in categories A, B, C, and one overall winner (including open category) will be awarded valuable prizes. Participation is free. Rules Conducting Institute : FYKOS (organization, problem sets), Institute of Theoretical Physics, MFF UK (rooms, hosting), Department of Applied Mathematics (hardware), Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (co-announcer), and Interlos(the game engine) 2) National Anveshika Skill Test : A short experiment will be shown in each video and questions will be asked ba

Undergraduate Physics Research Internships

Orginal Post : Here is a list of institutes for research Internships in Physics IIT Madras : IIT-M offers a wide range of internship programs in different subjects in science to engineering. Eligibility : 3rd - 4th year.  Stipend : Rs.6000 p.m. Last Date : Up to February  Website : IIT Bhubaneshwar: Eligibility : not limited to particular years. Stipend : not provided.  Last Date : February-march. Website : IIT Guwahati :  Students need to contact the faculty individually Eligibility : not limited to particular years.  Stipend : not provided.  Last Date : January-March Website :  IIT Ropar: Eligibility : not limited to particular years  Stipend : 5000 p.m.  Last Date : March Website : S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences:   Summer interns in physical (astrophysics, cosmo

IISER Kolkata IPhD Physics Interview Experience | Nakul Aggarwal

Around 110 students were shortlisted for the interview round of department of Physical Sciences at IISER Kolkata, based on the all-India ranks of the candidates in JAM and JEST exams for a total of 5 seats in their Integrated PhD program. In addition to that, every candidate had to send two letters of recommendation to the department. My interview was conducted on 29th June. There were five professors in my panel. They first asked me my favourite topics to which I replied, 'Quantum Mechanics' and 'Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Mechanics'. They directly started asking the questions. Following questions were asked by the panel.  Prof-1: Topic: Graphs 1-i) Plot sin(x^2). 1-ii) What will be the asymptotic behaviour of the nodal distance i.e. the distance between two consecutive nodes? Prof-2: Topic: Lagrangian Mechanics 2-i) Write the Lagrangian of a charged particle in an EM field. 2-ii) Apply a Gauge transformation and re-write the Lagrangian. 2-iii) Are the equations of mo

#PAEabroad | Profiles, applications, rejects of PAEians doing Physics Abroad

Surendra Padamata   Current University:   Penn State University UG Details: Mechanical Engineering, BITS Pilani K.K Birla Goa Campus, CGPA: 6.75 Research Experience: Summer research internship at International center for cosmology, Thesis at University of Wisconsin Madison, Adjunct Researcher at Penn state and Visiting researcher at ICTS Bangalore Break Year After UG: Worked as an Adjunct Researcher at Penn state on Numerical relativity and then at ICTS Bangalore on Gravitational-wave astrophysics GRE General Scores: Q-161, V-152, AW-2.5    GRE Physics Score: 780 Fellowship/Scholarship: $24000 TA + $4000 Fellowship University Degree Course Application Fee Result Penn State University PhD Computational Astrophysics $65 Selected University of Southampton PhD Mathematical and Numerical Relativity NA Selected University of Massachusetts Dartmouth PhD Computational Science and engineering with focus on astrophysics $65 Selected Washington Stat

Best physics books for JAM (Complied by toppers) | PAE Blog

Our PAE (Physics After Engineering) community members have contributed to building this nice handy list of books they've gone through. Many thanks to them all, and here is the list.  This probably is the only student-made list on the internet! Comprehensive reviews of almost all the standard physics books are present. If you are preparing for exams like JAM & JEST, I'd recommend you to check the following posts about exam preparation. There are plenty of posts on JAM preparation in our blog by our beloved community members, here are a few most popular ones: IIT-JAM and JEST preparation  - Rishab Kaushik (AIR - 1 in both JAM & JEST) ⭐ The Road Not Taken!! - Harshul Gupta (AIR - 22 JAM & 54 in JEST) IIT JAM Preparation -Vaibhav Sharma (AIR - 5) On preparing for IIT-JAM Physics  -Niket Shah(AIR - 6) NOTE: UG level : Books that start with basics, does not contain much of PG level stuff. Both UG-PG level : Books that start with basics, contains a good amount of

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